YouTube (english) (The 2016 Android Developer Toolbox)
YouTube (french) (La boîte à outils du développeur Android de 2016)
Realm transcript

The 2016 Android Developer Toolbox is a very special talk to me.

It all started in 2015. As a consultant in France, I noticed many junior developers were always having the same kind of issues when developing native apps.
And every time I introduce them some tools to help them understanding and fixing issues faster, I could see their eyes shining, and their motivations grow.

Among these tools, the ones they preferred were:

  • Charles Proxy, to help debugging network calls
  • Docker + SonarQube, to have a dashboard with some code quality metric
  • Stetho’s dumpapp, to interact with your app in real-time using the command line

So I decided to gather those tools in a talk for droidcon Paris 2015.
And guess what? The talk was refused!

I was really convinced this talk could help a few developers and bring some value to the community.
I spent so much time working on it on my free time, so when I realised I could not give this talk, I felt totally demotivated and frustrated.

As a last hope, I tried submitting the talk in another conference: droidcon Kraków and by chance, the talk was accepted! Not only the talk was accepted there, but also in droidcon Tunisia, Dubai, Turin, Berlin, Thessaloniki, Vienna, Beijing, Devoxx France, Mobilization Łódź, and DevFest Nantes.

The conclusion here is not to take it personally when your CFP is refused. It will happen, and does not necessarily mean that your talk is bad. Depending on your motivation, try to submit it elsewhere.

Oh, and always remember that life is unfair.
Get used to it.